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We offer an academic, sporting, co-curricular and personal development programme that affords students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence, skill and understanding. The school management recognizes that facilities and infrastructure play an important role in the life of children during their school years.

Some of the special attractions are:

  • Green Campus-Green Practices
  • State-of- the-art science, biotechnology & language Lab
  • Facilities for indoor and outdoor activities.
  • Friendly and welcoming environment
  • Happy children and committed teachers.

A broad–based layout of infrastructure encompasses:

There are classrooms for regular teaching and these are well ventilated, and they offer right atmosphere for learning. The white interactive boards and bulletin boards placed at proper places make learning easier and interesting. The strength of each class is kept at a manageable level and comfortable furniture adds to the ambience of the classrooms.
The spacious auditorium which has a seating capacity of about 300 is equipped with the best acoustics and light systems. The auditorium helps students to conduct quizzes, debates and concerts. The acoustical design of an auditorium is different than that of any other high school space, because of the specific demands of the performing arts, which distinguish the auditorium from a common room. The auditorium will provide many students their first introduction to performing arts, both as audiences and as performers.
Equipped with 4000 plus volumes

The School has good sports facilities, which include indoor and outdoor games. Regular games periods are provided to students and they are encouraged to practice early in the morning or after school to excel at State and National level.

Opportunities for team games and physical training are facilitated by trained physical instructors and yoga teachers.

A well-equipped archery range is also available. Students practice yoga and pursue sports like Table Tennis, Basketball, volley ball, through ball, shot put, kabaddi, badminton. The annual sports meet is held to celebrate the spirit of sports.

Laboratory teaching provides the first-hand experience and Laboratory training is required to develop skills necessary for study and research. In Sanskriti School, teacher–student and peer-to peer interactions contribute to develop learning experiences from the laboratory exercise, which can help them in experimentation, research and exploration in the following laboratories of our campus:

  • The Mathematics Lab
  • The English Language Lab
  • Physics lab
  • Chemistry lab
  • Biology lab
  • EVS lab

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